Sunday, July 29, 2012

September days

While training for the Avon Walk in the early fall I was struck by the distinctive September days, distinctive now perhaps because 9/11/01 made crystal blue skies with white puffy clouds and a hint of chill in the air the collective memory of September days for those who lived through that unforgettable time. I pondered the tenth Anniversary of September 11th and the tenth Anniversary of that magical nite where nearly 300 of us gathered and toasted
In loving memory of those we lost...
In grateful tribute to those who serve...
We shall raise our glasses and celebrate life tonite.

During those ponderings it occurred to me that September seems to be a month of change. I am not saying that this is simply because of September 11th. It seems that this has always been, from the changes in the weather or the countless years I headed back to school or September 1996 when our beloved Nicky passed and three as yet unborn children, Abigail Nicole, Nicholas, and Gianna Nicole, received their names, or September 28th of 2001, the day I married my best friend or September of 2007 when Mom was diagnosed or September 2010 when Abby headed off to Kindergarten in an outfit that Grandma Goose Goose didn’t buy.
While so much of my life is as I imagined it would be after ten years the idea that Mom would not be here to celebrate and remember was definitely not what I imagined. As time marches on and does it job of dulling the pain and drying the tears of the past ... the emotions can still be easily brought to the surface by something as simple as a white puffy cloud. The toast made that night reminds me, and perhaps now some of you, to recall not only what we lost on September 11th 2001. 411 souls who perished running in to the towers, and 2585 more who perished trying to escape them, the Pentagon and a plane in Pennsylvania. We lost a sense of security and innocence we should never fully regain. And less globally perhaps, they serve to remind me to celebrate and appreciate what we have and those we cherish because you never know how a random Tuesday could be the day that changes your life forever...
So, as I have the past three years I will head out in a sea of Pink, to Fight the Pink Fight… so that Abby won’t have to… face any more than the changes in the weather and back to school in her many Septembers to come.

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