Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why Do I Walk...

Another year has passed, this year has been different than any other in my 40. It has been a year of firsts, not the happy firsts of previous years but the year of firsts without Mom. I am walking with NYBlue for Pink once again in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It seems these days that everyone is walking for something and sometimes I wonder as I am sure many of you do what the point is in walking, just donate the money and go about your life, right? What I have learned in my three years thus far is that the actual event is not about the money that is raised but about the awareness that the sea of pink provides. If just one woman looks out her window and remembers that she needs her mammogram then our aching legs have paid off. If one woman decides to join the Army of Women (check out my page to find out what an amazing group that is) then our job is done. If one woman who feels alone in her struggle to fight the pink fight gets a sense of community about her disease then our job is done. That my friends, is why we walk

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